cercle “HAND in CAP” is an interactive installation which is both user-immersive and user-sensitive, initiating an exchange of ideas on the delicate issue of handicaps.


We are all moved by handicapped and by what they go through in life as well as how their family and friends are affected. It’s a situation which not only draws our attention but which is also a source of concern.

“HAND in CAP” is a personal and artistic vision of the subject.

Wishing to express our perception of what a handicap is and what its affects are; we attempt to present our interpretation and sentiments concerning infirmity via an artistic as opposed to a scientific approach.

6 icones

We feel it is of utmost importance to not limit the user to the simple role of spectator, but offer him the possibility of immerging himself and interacting with the installation in order to create a link or direct contact with the topic, thus experiencing, feeling, and ultimately becoming a real actor.



“Hand in Cap” is made up of two principal supports: an installation and an internet site.

The former is a metaphorical approach to handicap. It consists of a room containing a screen on one of the walls, two 30 by 30 cm dice , several sensors with different attributes (e.g. movement, sound, breath, etc.), and a video camera.

2 supports

When a user enters the room he is instructed by a video on the screen to roll both dice. After doing so, a second short video introduces the activity (of which there are 36) selected as a result of the dice-face combination. The goal of each activity is to sensitize the user to the repercussions a specific handicap can have on the environment (i.e. family, friends, society, the disabled or the non-disabled).
The user does the activity using his different senses and receives feedback via the screen in the form of animation videos which evolve as he interacts. After having completed the activity, a short conclusion is given which tries to communicate the key ideas related to the theme behind the activity with the hope that it will evoke questions and reactions on the part of the user.

Another important aspect of the installation is that it can change locations, in that it could serve for example as the introduction to an exhibit or festival about handicaps or the handicapped.

In order to prolong the experience and approach it from a more concrete angle, we have developed a second support which is an internet site.

Here we explain our views concerning handicaps; our concept and the meaning of the different workshops (found in the installation). The site contains a calendar which allows the user to consult the agenda of our upcoming performances (dates and locations), should he want to renew his experience and/or share it with others. It also gives links to the internet sites of our partners. Ultimately the site should allow the user to become a part of our project.

“Hand in Cap” offers an introspective approach, both entertaining and informative, to experiencing handicaps.



Chek the introduction, then grab and roll the two dice.

2 des

Watch a short video which presents the workshop and the basic rules.

Start to interact with the screen using your hands, body or voice depending on the activity. When the workshop ends, watch the conclusion.

Grab the dice and roll them again to test another activity. 36 activities are available, all stored in 6 different categories of interaction and meaning.

After multiple tries and before leaving, take a ticket which a personal ID number and a web address is written on.

Connect to the site and take your time to visit.

36 cards, representing the 36 activities, can be turned and offer different types of information.

- a teaser for those who didn’t test this workshop
- our personal vision of the theme
- scientific and philosophical extracts
- poems and artistic texts
- interviews
Informations like the agenda of our upcoming performances or the description of the handincap team can also found.

Log on with you personal ID number. You now have access to your personal information and paththrough. You can see what you did and compare your creations or reactions to others.



A demonstration of project has been realized, it presents a example of playing in the installation. 4 games has been developped for this experience, BIRD in CLOUD - HAND in HAND - CLOUD in CLOUD - CAP in MIND. Video in progress, but you can see an extract in YouTube : Video link.

play demo
More pictures, and a french text about project for magasine "Etapes" : Page link.



The team are composed to second year students in CRMA – Multimedia Design and Production to GOBELINS, which is a two-year apprenticeship program (sandwich course).

GOBELINS, l’école de l’image has been supplying training in photography, graphic arts and communication, cartoon animation, video, and interactive multimedia for over 40 years.
The multimedia department offers courses leading to 5 different diplomas ; Work during the second year is centred on a multimedia project where the students work in groups of five made up of a designer(s), developer(s), project leader, and in certain cases a public relations person.

5 students have worked on the project (2developers, 3 graphic designers):

Juliette Champain designer
Marie-Bénédict Jacquemin project leader & designer
Jérémy Lienard developer
Tobias Muthésius developer
Nicolas Ricklin designer

If you get more information about project, contact us to : contact@handincap.com